Our Story

Yiftach .J Ilyov


Head Of Acquisition

Dan Blizer


Head Of Finance 

Yuri Kats


Head Of Marketing  

One Oak Capital is a real estate investment firm in Tampa Bay, Florida, built on a combined experience of 7 years in the industry and 3000+ profitable transactions in the Tampa Bay area. Founders Yuri Kats, Dan Blizer and Yiftach “Jeff” Ilyov are three long-time friends who once served in the Israeli Army and now apply the same level of dedication to One Oak Capital through their enduring friendship, bond and industry-leading expertise. 


Fluent speakers of English, Russian and Hebrew, the founders of One Oak Capital not only offer a streamlined real estate investment opportunity for national investors, but they give international investors access to a secure platform in the Tampa Bay real estate market backed by expert financial, acquisition and communication skills. As fully-licensed realtors equipped with a world-class education from some of the country’s most reputable real estate investment programs, Yuri, Dan and Yiftach put their knowledge to the test in a booming Tampa Bay real estate market, where a successful focus on off-market single and multi-family properties set them apart as distinguished investors and authorities in Florida real estate.


Realizing their diverse talents in finance, marketing and acquisition were always meant for each other, Yuri, Dan and Yiftach founded One Oak Capital to offer their unique services to real estate investors seeking to purchase and sell off-market properties with the goal of producing high-yield returns quickly, safely and without the hassle. They’ve always found that while real estate investment is an attractive opportunity for many people, a lot of investors are turned away by the risk and technicalities involved through private investment, and all the commissions, fees and labor of working with brokers, inspectors, contractors and agents. 


One Oak Capital was founded to simplify off-market real estate investment and offer a transparent and profitable investment opportunity backed by real estate security and recession resistance. Partnering with One Oak Capital means leveraging proven real estate investment strategies that involve a strict due diligence process designed to ensure profitability and fast returns.


One Oak Capital puts investors in a prime position to experience maximum returns on short-term property investments as well as long-term turnkey investments that involve property management without ever having to deal with managers, tenants or agents. Partners will also be at the forefront of property development and expanding real estate markets in Tampa Bay and beyond as One Oak Capital continues to grow and provides a greater range of investment opportunities based on a highly-successful business model.

Our Core Values

CRUSH IT: We are committed to excellence and embrace change

COMMUNICATION: We seek to understand and communicate clearly

RESPECT: We respect the thoughts and time of those around us

INTEGRITY: We always choose to do the right thing and operate professionally

LEADERSHIP: We seek to motivate and inspire others

HUMBLE: We are grateful and blessed

PROACTIVE: Always hands on, always our hands dirty.

UNITY: The journey is as important. We enjoy doing what we love TOGETHER.

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